Monday, October 27, 2008

EX c

isn't it crazy how the things that bring you so much happiness are also the things that have great potential to hurt you?

you don't regret the things you do,
you regret the things you don't do

BUT my ankle's about to break off
BUT it's my last freakin season
BUT what if i serrriously hurt myself
BUT there are only 2 races left, suck it up
BUT i can't do well in them anyways
BUT at least i'd have tried
BUT BUT BUT BUT ....... :(

no arcadia, then better at finals?
but how can i run var at finals if i don't run arcadia to prove my time
and if i DO run arcadia, is that gonna just mess me up and make me NOT ABLE to run finals AT ALL? *irony*
so i if i don't run arcadia, and run jv at finals, we need to win first. and if i want to run in cif i'll need to train my ass off from there. but who says i'll even be able to run, period?

"calm down jessie, it's just a freakin sport. it's just running"
ha ha haha hahaa ahaha ha ha hahaa. haha. ahah. hahaha. lol. LOL. haha. Sure. whatever.

sorry if i look like a pussy when i cry, but most of the time it's not because "oh lord, i'm so emotional because i fucked up at mt sac la la la and i feel like such a faiiiiilure boo" (yeah, there's some of that too.. or a lot of it actually) but most of the time it's simply because it hurts a lot. a lot. a lot. and i want to saw off the bottom half of my right leg and throw it out the window. yeup :D

can't live with it, can't live without it.

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Veronica said...

omgad jess
dont run arcads
you will run varsity you dont need the time to prove it they know youll try so effing hard
and who else is gonna run it anyway if not you
i think not.
and i love you