Monday, October 20, 2008

ay yi yi!

hi hi hi!
I should be doing college stuff huh? TEHE
what the fuck is an SSR? can someone explain?
I did my USC part 1 via mail but they want it online too, what? O_o
Maybe i should work on my personal statementizzles? naaaht.
this is so confusing.
if i KNEW what to do, i'd do it
... or would i?!?! >_<

some things going on this weekizzleeee:
best day of my life #698 awaits tomorrow! kevin, how about we smile the next time we see each other? like this :D
showcase this wed! come watch me and ian and vince!
oxford vball spirit game wed! HAHAH sweet.
Oct. SAT scores out on thurs! dun dun DUNNN.....
Mt. SAC on friday! not running :'( haha oh well just let me die then
FEARy tales on friday! not going :'( but best of luck to 2010!
FALL FESTIVAL carnival on sat! $1million?! gaha let's dO it.

if anyone cares (no one does),
>I will start my mcrunning on mcsunds,
doctor said 3 weeks but jessie said hells no >:O
I'm not even depressed about my situation anymore,
just really fucking angry.
and i guess i'll just channel this anger into training hardcore
in time for Arcadia/league finals
I really want to just cry when i think about this season
hopefully i can turn it around.

happy birthday veronica
you're kind of really special :D

k that's pretty much it
maybe i'll study for civics
or maybe i'll just roll around and take more pictures of mahself
or maybe i'll.... just roll around and take more pictu--DAMMIT!


1 comment:

Veronica said...

i love you jess

if anything ill run mt sac for you